Last week our Instagram was in a winter mood. We focused on white, minimalistic photographs, with just a hint of color on Wednesday when we welcomed our new featured artist’s whimsical style.

We started with our architecture selection, showing fractions of buildings, seen through the eyes of Luca Bravo, Kimon Maritz, and Ren Ran.

White waves / Photo by Luca Bravo @lucabravo

Tuesday was a day for straight lines and symmetry, spotted by Jayce Eduarte, Ben O’Sullivan, and Bradley Zorbas.

Taking a break / Photo by Bradley Zorbas

On Wednesday we welcomed the newest addition to our artist community – the talented Elise Mesner.

Elise describes herself as an eclectic-minded painter, illustrator, collage artist, fashion/costume designer, stylist, tastemaker, singer-songwriter and fine art photographer, working and dipping into all arty media. With her unique approach towards subjects, colors, and the relationship between them, she’s a multi-talented artist, combining different techniques into a world of idyllic dreamscapes, whimsical sceneries, and a healthy dose of eye-pleasing weirdness. Her work consists of creamy pastel colors, plants, food, and playful everyday objects.

Learn more about Elise Mesner and see the full selection of her photos here.

Attached / Photo by Elise Mesner @lelopepper

On Thursday we continued with our white/winter selection, featuring the clean, minimalistic photos of Masaaki Komori and Sylvie Tittel.

Clean air / Photo by Masaaki Komori @cipher

Friday demanded more nature photography, as we fully embraced the winter with the photography of Andrei Lasc, Evie Shaffer, and Oleg Ivanov.

Pretty in the cold / Photo by Andrei Lasc

We finished the week with black, foggy mountains, seen through the lens of Sebastian Herrmann, Tobias Kebernik, and Tyler Lastovich.

Getting lost in the mountains / Photo by Sebastian Herrmann

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