For the past seven days our Instagram was in a winter mood, with a series of photos in dark tones and gloomy vibes.

We started the week with the Fashion photography of Jordan Mixson, Sylvie Tittel, and Liliia Beda.

Hidden / Photo by Sylvie Tittel @misssinterpreted

Tuesday was a good time for Nature photography, with photos by the talented Taneli Lahtinen, Samuel Scrimshaw, and René Reichelt.

Home is where the snow is / Photo by Taneli Lahtinen @tanelah

Following our tradition, we dedicated Wednesday to our new featured artist – this time we presented Paolo Barretta.

“I am Paolo Barretta and too many times I have no idea who I am.” – that’s how he describes himself. Paolo started taking pictures when he was very young, and he immediately felt he had a unique way of seeing the world.
He began his studies in photography when he was in high school, starting with analog photography. After changing cities, he graduated in photography, post production, and communication, then he started working between Milan and Rome. But life already had its plans for Paolo –  that’s how he became one of the ten contestants in Sky Arts Master of Photography 2018.
Learn more about Paolo and see the full selection of his photos here.

Together / Photo by Paolo Barretta @iamwinter

Light circles and dark silhouettes were the stars in the night sky for our Thursday selection, featuring photographs by Austin Neill, Murtaza Vora, and Ricardo Aguilera.

A perfect circle / Photo by Austin Neill @arstyy

On Friday we observed three different moon phases, as seen by Dasha Semenihhina, Hayden Hunt, and Jordon S. Connor.

Lonely moon / Photo by Hayden Hunt @_haydenhunt

We finished the week with our Black & White photography selection, presented by Timo Wagner, Bryce Koebel, and Marco De Waal.

Swim good / Photo by Marco De Waal

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