In 2019 we’re continuing to keep you updated with the best photos we select for our Instagram. Last week we dedicated every day to a different photography style – Architecture, Portrait, Film Photography, Nature, and Travel.

On 21.01. M stood for Monday and Minimalism, as we started the week with a celebration of single objects abandoned in the desert, shot by Jonathan Percy and Max Di Capua.

Lonely couch / Photo by Jonathan Percy @jonathan_percy

On the following day we presented to you a colorful portrait selection, featuring the images of Adriaan Louw, Aiony Haust, and Haley Lawrence.

Reflection / Photo by Aiony Haust @aiony

Wednesday was dedicated to our new featured artist – Chrononaut.

Chrononaut is Mia and Fabian – a photography duo, currently based in Belgrade.⠀
Mia and Fabian met as children and soon became friends. Around that time photography was already subtly introducing itself into their lives. While Fabian experimented with his grandmother’s film camera, Mia often played with single-use cameras that back then could be purchased at any kiosk in Marbella, a small town in the south of Spain where they both grew up.

Learn more about Chrononaut and see the full selection of their photos here.

Chasing light / Photo by Chrononaut @chrono_naut

Thursday was a day for exploring misty routes and beautiful views with photos by Nik MacMillan, Nathan Ansell, and Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau.

Up in the mountains / Photo by Nathan Ansell

Then we switched from warm, earthy tones to winter landscapes, selecting the nature photographs of Landon Arnold, Fabio Jock, and Elliot Pannaman.

In the middle / Photo by Elliot Pannaman

To finish the week, we explored three travel destinations, as seen by Alina Kovalchuk, Bertrand Bouchez, and Braden Collum.

Layers / Photo by Braden Collum

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