A lot of melancholy vibes were present on our Instagram page during the last seven days. We featured talented artists, creating in the fields of nature photography, fine art, and travel photography. Let’s take a look at our most liked photos.

Monday was a day for white, snowy photos. We found ourselves in the magical mountains thanks to the photography of Benjamin Voros, Filip Zrnzević, and one of our favorite featured artists – Eberhard Grossgasteiger.

White winter / Photo by Benjamin Voros

Our Tuesday selection of photos was covered in mystery, with hidden bodies of women and dark, moody colors. We featured the beautiful images of Claudia Soraya, Priscilla Du Preez, and Teymur Gahramanov.

Behind the curtain / Photo by Claudia Soraya

Thursday was a special day for us, as we dedicated it to our new featured artist – Ziqian Liu.

Ziqian is a freelance photographer from China. She caught our attention with her gentle, feminine self-portraits, where she plays with flowers, food, and everyday objects.

In the beginning photography was simply a way for her to record her life. As time passed and she started taking more and more pictures, the depth and potential of the medium opened up before her. This is the main reason she’s going to continue shooting in the future.

Learn more about Ziqian Liu and see the full selection of her photos here.

Self-portrait / Photo by Ziqian Liu @ziqianqian

Nature photography is one of our weaknesses, so for our Saturday collection we picked the photos of Luke Mummert, Amy Humphries, and Andre Iv.

As the sun goes down / Photo by Amy Humphries

We finished the week on Sunday with warm, yellow colors and the travel photography of Victor Deweerdt, Habila Mazawaje, and Elke Smit.

Sailing away / Photo by Habila Mazawaje

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