During the past seven days we focused exclusively on portrait and nature photography, and shared some beautiful shots with you on our Instagram page.  

As a start we celebrated Blue Monday by featuring a selection of people and blue backgrounds. For that we picked the photos of Analise Benevides, Thanh Tam, and Aleksander Soroka.

Pool party / Photo by Thanh Tam

Our Tuesday we mentally packed our bags and escaped to the wild nature by looking at the artistic work of Cason Asher, Jackson Douglas, and Elijah Hiett.

Elsewhere / Photo by Elijah Hiett @ehiett_photo

Wednesday is our “Featured Artist” day, and this time we featured the beautiful black and white photography of the talented Augusto Paiva.

Augusto is a Creative Director and Photographer based in New York City. He recently moved back to New York after spending five years working as an Art Director at Apple in California. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, he graduated in Advertising before he went to study Graphic Design in Australia. For him those years were very important as a start to find his own visual language. However, things really took shape after Augusto moved to NY in 2011 to work for Nike and later worked on giving a voice and tone to Apple Music through graphic design and photography.

Learn more about Augusto Paiva and see the full selection of his photos here.

Portrait in black and white / Photo by Augusto Paiva @augustopaiv

We finished the week with more nature photography, this time featuring three melancholic landscapes, as seen by Alessio Lin, Jesse Brack, and Jordan Heath.

Snowy Peaks / Photo by Alessio Lin @lin.alessio

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