A healthy dose of minimalism, nature, and conceptual art marked our Instagram in the past seven days.

Monday started with simplicity, seen through the eyes of 90 jiang, Hassan Weller, and Samuel Zeller.

Ray of light / Photo by Samuel Zeller @zellersamuel

On Tuesday our selection of minimalistic buildings on blue skies featured photos by Simone Hutsch, Toa Heftiba, and Dmitri Popov.

Above the roof, Photo by Simone Hutsch @heysupersimi

On Wednesday we continued with our love of blue with the imaginative creativity of Sharon Garcia, Pierrick Van-Troost, and Kyle Loftus.

Blue fairytale / Photo by Pierrick Van-Troost @vantroostpierrick

Thursday was all about dreamy landscapes and beautiful scenery, thanks to the nature photography of our new featured artist – Eberhard Grossgasteiger.

Eberhard was born in 1976 and currently lives with his family in Ahrntal, northern Italy. He’s a trained network technician, web developer, and freelance photographer. His visual journey started with analog photography about 25 years ago. Once he learned the basics of analog photography, he continued with digital photography – an entirely new experience. Eberhard takes photos with a full-frame Canon EOS 6D, always in RAW format. His landscape and nature shots are mostly taken with a Tamron 85mm f/1.8 with image stabilizer. He takes wide-angle photos to capture reflections in lakes, and then edits everything in Photoshop, mainly with Adobe Camera Raw.
Eberhard says he doesn’t like oversaturated colors, and his love for matte, dark, and gloomy moods is easily recognizable in his photography. Learn more about him and see the full selection of his photos here.

Purple moon / Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger @eberhard_grossgasteiger

Our journey through nature photography continued with images by the talented Youssef Naddam, Juri Gianfrancesco, and Ben Konfrst.

Touch / Photo by Ben Konfrst

Our week on Instagram finished with green nature and big mirrors, as we witnessed the imagination of Yuris Alhumaydy, Noah Buscher, and Jovis Aloor.

Faceless / Photo by Noah Buscher @noah.buscher

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