Marta Vidal is a visual artist, born and raised in Barcelona.

When Marta was 13 years old, her dad showed her the inside of a camera, and that first innocent contact remained in her retina until today. A few years ago she studied Audiovisual Communication, and she found photography to be a basic but revealing discipline for her.

Since then, Marta has been a full time freelance photographer. For that, she thanks her dad.

Five Questions to Marta Vidal


How would you describe your photography to someone who has never seen it?

Solitary spaces, organic tones, and a little hint of poetry. At least that’s what I’m attempting to capture.

What makes a great photograph?

It’s something that you cannot describe. You don’t know what it is but it makes everything. Call it magic.

What’s your main source of inspiration when you’re behind the camera?

I believe that I look for simplicity in the things I photograph. I am inspired by geometry, wide spaces, and a soft palette of colors.

How is the photography industry changing in the digital era?

Being photographers, we have the opportunity to show our work and discover others in many more platforms than before. This is a good thing but we must use it carefully, otherwise it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much information. I started shooting with film. For me it’s important to maintain the analog practice because of the slow pace that it requires.

Have you heard of Blockchain and if so, what are your views on it?

I’ve heard about it but I have so little information that I don’t have a solid opinion on the subject. But it’s a positive thing if it can help to engage with clients and make us grow.

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