Kimmo Metsäranta is a visual artist from Finland, creating both artistic and commercial work.

Kimmo’s work has been widely shown in exhibitions in Finland and abroad. He has also been nominated for several awards, including two nominations for Fotofinlandia. His directorial debut – a film for the Parliament of Finland, won a silver award in the World Media Festival in Hamburg. In 2015 Kimmo was also shortlisted for the Sony Photography Award, the biggest photography competition in the world.

Five Questions to Kimmo Metsäranta


How would you describe your photography to someone who has never seen it?

I shoot both commercial and artistic work. My style is very minimal and abstract, and it’s focused on light and shape.

What makes a great photograph?

A great image brings something before unseen to the viewer – a new idea or a coincidence that makes you go “wow”.

What’s your main source of inspiration when you’re behind the camera?

There is always a plan for the shooting, style, light, etc. But when you’re shooting you have to let go of them and work with what you have. A piece of clothing can inspire me to take another direction. One needs to be open-minded and good things will happen.

How is the photography industry changing in the digital era?

It has changed a lot and is constantly changing. The new ways of utilizing equipment and the fact that everyone has the means to do photography are very interesting. Competition is also getting more serious and photographers need to have a strong visual style in order to stand out.

Have you heard of Blockchain and if so, what are your views on it?

I’ve heard about it but sadly know far too little.

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